Build a Cloud Security Strategy

A cloud security strategy tailored to your business

This very practical workshop is prepared to take you through four stages of creating a cloud security strategy tailored to your business needs and ensure that you have a roadmap in place to complete your cloud security project successfully.

Attend the workshop and learn how to best secure your cloud and:

  • Ensure your business data cannot be leaked or stolen
  • Maintain privacy of data and other information
  • Secure the network connection points
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Cloud security is not fundamentally different from security on premises however you need to be aware of the cloud’s unique risks and challenges

During the workshop we will

  1. Analyse cloud features and areas that require special attention when moving to and securing your cloud environment
  2. Explore why you need a cloud security strategy and how a cloud environment requires a set of specific controls and implementation strategies
  3. Understand the organisational and information gap between where you are and where you need to be and how to bridge that gap.
  4. Understand all the cloud-related risks and challenges and how to approach the process of securing it
  5. Define the tasks, initiatives, and assign responsibilities
  6. Run a cost-benefit analysis
  7. Create a roadmap and schedule actions
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This workshop is ideal for companies who

 Are looking to build stable cloud security structure

Need help with cloud implementation

 Are struggling with the division of responsibilities

 Need help refining security goals

 Want to understand policies and other cloud security elements

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