Stakeholder Management is a critical aspect of running a successful IT department

Jacana IT's CIO Business Vision program is a low effort, high impact program that will give you detailed report cards on the organisation's satisfaction with IT's core services.

Use these insights to understand your key stakeholders, find out what is important to them, and improve your interactions.

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Benefits of CIO Business Vision

Key Stakeholders

Find out the needs of your key stakeholders. Improve your stakeholder management.


Move beyond opinion and get to facts. Build autonomy.


You can't manage what you can't measure. Stop flying blind.


Find out what is important to the business. Get the most value out of resources.


Cybersecurity Focus

Cybersecurity is more important now than ever before. Our question set covers appropriateness and importance of cybersecurity practices as well as business feedback on friction created. We measure the business impact of security practices to ensure they’re appropriate, and pinpoint which areas cause the most pain and adjust accordingly.

Custom Business Objectives

Beyond providing IT Services, IT must support and deliver against Business Objectives. Our assessment collects business leader feedback on how IT is supporting and delivering against your organisation’s key objectives. This helps to demonstrate the business value of IT to earn your position as trusted partner, and uncover where opportunities exist to better execute against business needs.

Industry Benchmarking

Internal scores are useful, but how you sit among peers provides meaningful context. Our assessment includes comprehensive industry benchmarking against your peer group so you can see where you stand against our database of 85,000+ business leaders across 900+ organisations. Context is everything – demonstrate how you are performing against your peers to provide the most accurate picture of your achievements and opportunities.

Overall Scorecards

IT Satisfaction Scorecard


A scorecard that measures the satisfaction of your key decision makers annually.


No activity or project is more important than showing the company you care enough to measure its satisfaction once a year.

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Overall Report Card

IT Capacity Scorecard


A capacity scorecard that shows the demands on IT by each department.


The business is the one that demands more resources. Prove the demands on IT from the business and make the case for more IT resources.

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  • IT
  • Business Leaders
It capacity

Department Scorecards

Stakeholder Satisfaction Scorecards


Individual department scorecards which measure the satisfaction of each department.


Work with your most important and most dissatisfied stakeholders to ensure their needs are met.

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Satisfaction by Department


A view of all department results in one spot.


You can use this view to compare the department by Satisfaction Capacity and Dependency scores.

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4 satisfaction by department

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