Improve security effectiveness by harnessing the wisdom of your team.

No one knows your organisation's security process and technology better than your IT team. Jacana IT's Security Effectiveness reports lets you leverage the collective knowledge of your staff to enhance security effectiveness in the area (or areas) you'd like to focus on. Use these reports to optimise policies and process, drive improvements in technology usage and decisions, and facilitate alignment, consistency, and knowledge transfer among your team.

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Report Areas

Jacana IT’s Security Framework Model is derived from COBIT and TOGAF, two globally accepted frameworks used by business to optimise the value of IT. Security Effectiveness reports are available in the following security areas:

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Report Components and Benefits

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Policy and Process Effectiveness Report

Visualise your team’s perspective on security policies and processes, and use this data to make specific recommendations for your situation. Measure your team’s confidence that key policies and processes are identifying and preventing threats, and plot this data against potential adverse impact on user experience.

Measure your team’s perception of process formality and execution consistency, which lets you identify gaps and get everyone on the same page.

Technology Effectiveness Report

Visualise your team’s perspective on security technologies, and use this data to make specific recommendations regarding technology effectiveness and team alignment.

Measure your team’s opinions and usage of each installed technology based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Confidence that the technology is identifying and preventing threats
  • Ease of use
  • Effort to maintain
  • Feature comprehensiveness
  • Degree to which the technology’s capabilities are being utilised
  • Satisfaction with vendor support
  • Informed purchasing decisions made by measuring your team’s opinions on technologies not currently installed.
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Team Alignment Worksheets (one for each installed technology)

Contains all the information you need to standardise your approach and ensure optimal value from each of your technologies: specific items for attention or discussion, areas to potentially reconsider, opportunities for knowledge transfer, and comments to consider from your team

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