Calling with Microsoft Teams Phone

Now more than ever, businesses need a modern voice solution and phone system capabilities that combines unified communication and teamwork.

Microsoft Teams Phone provides the features organisations need to deliver seamless, collaborative experiences for employees, business partners, and customers.

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Gather information on current environment and practices for calling

Art of the Possible

Showcase modern calling capabilities powered by Microsoft Teams Phone

Build the Plan

Build the plan for how to deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams Phone

Modernise Communications Workshop

Introducing the Modernise Communications Workshop – a modular engagement to experience the vision for Microsoft Teams Phone and advanced communication scenarios. This workshop is designed to guide you through the process of a simplified enterprise voice solution with reliable, high-quality, integrated calling. Through ‘Art of the Possible’ demonstrations, use-case design, and deep-dive planning you will obtain actionable recommendations to deploy and adopt Microsoft Teams phone.

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Workshop deliverables

• An evaluation of your current telephony and voice communication needs.
• Environmental and workload analysis, including existing infrastructure and telephony state.
• Demonstration of the end-to-end Microsoft Teams calling experience to showcase Microsoft Teams Phone as your telephony solution.

• Direction on how to transition various user profiles into a modern collaboration and communication environment.
• Showcase the rich portfolio of third-party applications and devices that can complement the Microsoft Teams Phone experience.
• Customised, actionable recommendations you can follow to enable and adopt Microsoft Teams Phone

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