Is Security Viewed as a Business Roadblock or Business Enabler?

The primary goal of IT security is to protect the organisation from security threats. However, that goal must be balanced with business needs. Optimal security practices must minimise risks and enable the business. Use our Security Business Satisfaction and Alignment report to understand how well you are achieving these goals identify areas for improvements. 

Benefits Of The Program

Business Satisfaction with Security

Measure business satisfaction in terms of security confidence and the amount of friction for business processes. Specifically, this summary will:

  • Measure the levels of confidence in current security practices
  • Identify areas of friction for business users
  • Determine security importance from a business perspective
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Identify gaps between IT and business perception of security practices. Specifically, this summary will:

  • Measure gaps in perception of security confidence, importance, and satisfaction.
  • Identify gaps in the desired level of business involvement in security governance
  • Provide recommended actions to close alignment gaps and optimise security practices. 

Business Satisfaction per Department

Similar to the above business satisfaction summary. but broken down by departments to enable a more-granular understanding of security concerns

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