Protect your business
with cybersecurity tailored
to its needs

Despite choosing the hybrid, cloud-based work model, businesses today have limited time and resources to manage their hybrid workforce and its security. Many rely on manual processes, point solutions, native security software or have no security measures at all.

Our holistic approach to cyber security combined with industry-leading technology allows us to build a protective layer around your cloud solution to suit your business needs.

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Get expert help with managing your security

Jacana IT Solutions experts ensure your defence structure is managed correctly, up to date and patched up. We utilise world-class quality software to track and monitor for threats, staying ahead of the game to prevent incidents.

Jacana IT Solutions helps you work securely,
anytime, from anywhere.

Prevent Breach

Manage and protect access and identities to prevent breach.

Prevent Threats

Prevent threats by automating protection and patching.

Reduce Cost

Cut costs and simplify security management.

Govern Sensitive Data

Protect and govern sensitive data to ensure compliance.

Cloud Environment

Implement Zero Trust security to protect
on-premises and cloud environments.

Enforce Security

Prove compliance, and enforce security policies and controls.

One simple solution to manage and monitor the safety of your cloud, hybrid workforce, assets and data.

Your business needs cybersecurity protection more than ever

Many businesses wrongly assume they wouldn't be a good target for cybercriminals, but research shows otherwise. Almost half of all cyber-attacks target small and medium enterprises, and the attackers get more sophisticated. 

Over recent years, cyber-attacks have been on the rise, increasing at least 23% every year. Unless you work with an expert, your company will struggle to stay on top of the new strategies employed to exploit vulnerabilities and get to your data, assets and people. 

Contact us to learn how we can help protect your business today.

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Enable secure remote work

Reduce cost & complexity

hybrid cloud environment

Modernise your security practices

Embrace proactive Zero Trust approach

Why Us

Why Jacana IT Solutions?

We are experienced IT partners and managed services providers. Our in-depth knowledge of Microsoft products and services and Gold Partnership allow us to be at the forefront of technology and to deliver the highest quality services to your business.

Jacana IT Solutions are committed to helping you digitally transform your business, optimise your operations, and enhance value delivery through implementing world-class modern workplace solutions and cyber security.


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