Governance and management are a major part of getting security right.

Without the right policies and processes in place and enforced, no organisation is truly secure. Jacana IT Solutions Security Governance and Management scorecard lets you measure your performance against industry standard best practices. Use this report to understand your current strengths and weaknesses, then follow Jacana IT's customised roadmap of practical and prioritised action items to improve and optimise your security governance and management.

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Benefits of the program

Overall Scorecard

Measure success in terms of meeting industry standard best practices. Jacana IT's Security Framework Model is derived from COBIT and TOGAF, two globally-accepted frameworks used by business to optimise the value of IT. Communicate current strengths and successes, and use year over year comparisons to build on these successes and measure long term progress. Identify areas for improvement and optimisation, and justify allocation of resources and effort towards these goals.

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Recommended Action Roadmap

Chart your course to security success. These reports consolidate the cusomised action items arising from your security governance and management scores, and present this information in a unified and prioritised format to guide your next steps.

Area Report Details

Share end user satisfaction and importance ratings of core IT services, IT communication and business enablement to focus on the right end user groups or lines of business, and ramp up satisfaction and productivity.

Understand your scores on an in-depth level for each security governance and management area.

  • Auditing
  • Compliance Management 
  • Event and Incident Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Security Culture
  • Vulnerability Management

Understand your scores for each policy and process governance area:

  • Servers
  • End User Devices
  • IAM
  • Data
  • Applications
  • Physical
  • Network